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But there might be a few added complications in getting to know them.You might need to: Often, people will judge you on their stereotypes about your culture, without really knowing you.For the most part, showing your partner you love them is more important than saying it, whether it be by going shopping with them or cooking their favourite meal – even if you hate doing so (like my dad holding my mom’s bags). I’d like to think the contrasts between the two aren’t necessarily opposing sides, but instead emphasize different aspects of each distinct culture.steeped in cross-cultural communication my life was to become.

Jem and Inés have been together for a year and fell in love at first sight.

All relationships are unique, but here are five differences that you may find between Chinese and Canadian dating culture. But in China, you date because you’re already serious about each other. While in Canadian dating culture it may seem offensive to be asked such personal questions so early on, being a good fit financially is very important in Chinese culture when determining if one should start a serious relationship. For the older generation, hand-holding or linking arms may be the most that happens.

Whether you find your future partner on a popular TV show or through a mutual friend, dating has a much more serious tone—you’re in it to win it. However, for the younger generation, cuddling or even a quick peck is fine.

For us, the fact that the differences were so blatantly obvious forced us to be overly talkative about our worldviews, our upbringing, and our assumptions.

We couldn’t presume that the other person would necessarily think in a similar manner regarding anything—children, extended family relations, money management, birth control, etc.