Scottrader streaming quotes not updating

The file contains unique values each time Scottrader is launched and thus each file can only be used once.

Your security software is alerting you that a new program is requesting authorization to run on your computer.

To get a detailed quote, enter a symbol in the Detailed Quote box in the upper right corner of the page and click Go.

Quick Quote is the name of the section of the Scottrade client website where you can get a quote without leaving the current page.

Once Scottrader is launched, it is not connected to your browser in any way.

You can navigate away from or close the browser completely, and Scottrader will continue to run.

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This section details the minimum and recommended technical requirements for using Scottrader Streaming Quotes.

This Help section will walk you through the many features of Scottrader and will help you use this platform with comfort and ease.

Below, you'll find a quick description of each section to get you started.

The Scottrader Quote Grid is the main window from which all other tools and windows can be accessed.

The Quote Grid window is fully customizable and can be edited to match your trading preferences.

Scottrader streaming quotes not updating