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Because of her father’s ongoing research in forest entomology, Atwood spent much of her childhood in the backwoods of northern Quebec and travelling back and forth between Ottawa, Sault Ste. She did not attend school full-time until she was eight years old.She became a voracious reader of literature, Dell pocketbook mysteries, Grimm's Fairy Tales, Canadian animal stories, and comic books.She attended Leaside High School in Leaside, Toronto, and graduated in 1957. You would never have to worry about Chili getting so emo that he'd drink himself to death on top of a cliff. 1) He is French and 2) he's so confident in his own sexual skill that he wrote an erotic novel about their relationship. A good safety pick if you're not looking for anything too serious right now.: not the sharpest water polo ball in the Harbor School shed, but looks pretty great while wet and shirtless. Here's why: the thing about Seth Cohen is that he is your dream man...until you turn 25 and realize what a douchebag this kind of dude is. The man makes a leather wristband look like a totally sexy, normal thing to wear. Chili obviously cannot compete with the water polo boys when it comes to ab definition, but his sense of humor greatly adds to his appeal. The ex-husband of Taylor Townsend cracked the top ten for two reasons. He's certainly good-looking, but he was ultimately a little boring.